No one ever said writing would be easy.

I have read and heard words of advice and inspiration about writing since I was a teenager.

Many were useful in their own way.

Just Write

The best advice was given to me by my friend Lynn.

Lynn, the expert skier, who taught me to drink German alt bier and who gave me this nugget when we were in our twenties.

“Just take out a piece of paper and start to write.  If you can’t think of anything to write about, write whatever comes into your head.  You can always edit later.”

I have used Lynn’s method countless times and it always works.


Words from a Pulitzer Prize Winner

“I x-ray sentences; I claw away a paragraph and reshape it as carefully as I can, and test it again, and peer into the pages to see if things in there are any clearer, any more resolved.  Often they are not.  But to write a story is to inch backward and forward along a series of planks you are cantilevering  out into the darkness, plank by plank, inch by inch, and the best you can hope is that each day you find yourself a little bit farther out over the abyss.”   Four Seasons in Rome

I am currently reading and enjoying Four Seasons in Rome.

Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See won the Pulizter Prize for Fiction in 2015.  It is an excellent book.

Anthony Doerr
Anthony Doerr, American writer.  ~Photo from http://www.anthonydoerr.com

Anthony Doerr

11 thoughts on “Writing

  1. My book group just met and discussed “All the Light We Cannot See”. Wonderful discussion that led to multiple thoughts of “what would you do?”

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  2. Dear Lori, I liked the advice from Lynn. A piece of paper and a pen. I have never believed you can be taught to be a writer. From within comes the light of inspiration and this has been the amazement to me in recent times that the impossible has become possible. Your blogging and your sharing is such a valuable start and then KNOWING what you most understand and want to write. Don’t be governed by what ‘others’ may think is trendy or profitable. Start off by writing from your heart. Sometimes the best things come from the deepest journeys of our lives and can bring such comfort to others even if the story uses fiction people. For your info all I have written is now on line as e-books but Beyond the Ashes was my first story that I thought could never be written……I had no experience…I was not a ‘trained’ writer BUT……..its a story with the central theme about the power of forgiveness. It took me on an actual physical journey and the folk became very real. Check out any of my uncomplicated and simple stories on Amazon. Simply type in my name Faye Roots. I’m hopeless at marketing but writing began with paper and pen and a hunger to express. Cheers Enjoy the journey. Life is a story.

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    1. Hi Faye, I have the book and have read a little. I am finding it hard to concentrate on reading or writing. However, I do find your writing to be compelling. Such talent! I look forward to reading more of your novel. Hugs from Portland, Oregon, Lori


  3. “You can always edit later”- so true. I used to hesitate when writing stories because I wasn’t sure where to start and who I wanted my characters to grow into, etc. Nowadays however, I just write first and then revise it afterwards, and this allows me to put my thoughts on paper freely without fear or hesitation of it being imperfect or mediocre.

    Thanks for sharing! Just followed and looking forward to more from this blog- very interesting 🙂


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  4. It is really good advice. I used to love to write stories when I was younger, but worrying about what others think and being afraid of criticism has stopped me for a long time. I am only now trying to get past my fear and begin again. Similar to your friend’s advice on the paper and pen, my aunt advised me to carry a notebook and pen with me wherever I go and to write about everything: memories, experiences or made up stories from people watching.
    It really helped me when I was away from my family in a foreign country and it gave me the confidence to create my own blog and to slowly start sharing my words with others.
    Thanks for sharing your advice! 🙂

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