Faith Family Friends

All of my life I have enjoyed the comfort of my faith, my family, and my friends.

My faith has diminished and grown over the years as I deal with life’s ups and downs.

My family, while not TV family perfect, are there for me.

My friends, although scattered across the world, are there for me.


Flowers from Carole.  Candles from a boutique in Florence, Alabama.  ~Photo Lori Greer


Meaning and Purpose


“Meaning comes from what you believe, value and understand about yourself and the world around you. By finding meaning and purpose in your life, you can have more joy and less stress each day.”— Kristin S. Vickers Douglas, Ph.D., L.P.*


Meaning in my life comes from helping others and myself to live honorable lives.

It comes from being the best person I can be.

My purpose for living is to support and appreciate the world’s beauty and goodness as experienced through others.

~My 34-year old daughter in law’s battle with stage 4 cancer has upended my world.  It is a living nightmare.

*The Mayo Clinic




22 thoughts on “Faith Family Friends

  1. I beg to differ Lori – your family (and you 🙂 ) already ARE Perfect! Perfection lies not, as we often think – in the elimination of all flaws or faults, but in accepting and understanding our flaws and ‘imperfections’ equally with that which we consider to be the best about ourselves.

    The Universe is in perfect balance, having both good and bad, positive and negative, as each individual perceives those to be.

    I’m not suggesting we do not ever need to work to improve ourself or that we must try to do both good and bad to remain perfect, just that we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves if we try to live up to, or reach, 100% of ‘perfection’ that is only ever of a positive nature in a world that essentially has to be equally balanced between positive and negative forces.

    Praying for the best outcome in your daughter-in-laws case, as always 😉


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  2. Beautiful post Lori, I can only affirm here that you by your blogging and indeed sharing of life, family and journey are and will remain a friend across the miles where prayer, Hope, and indeed much love continues to wing across the ocean and the miles.

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  3. Lighting a candle and sending prayers your way. These challenging moments certainly humble us and change us forever. They also bring us together in a very strong and powerful way. I’m always amazed that when life seems it’s lowest suddenly different people and miracles come into our lives that make us seen the rainbow instead of the dark cloud. Candle lit and prayers said for you and your family!

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