Now You See It…Now You Don’t

I have to admit that I have always been a bit envious of people who think up “hacks”.

Not to be confused with computer programmers who “hack” into computer systems.

I am talking about those creative types who solve the nagging, generally insignificant problems of daily living.

I am a sucker for an article with the headline “Ten Hacks to blah, blah, blah”.

It can be hacks for storing tools, organizing Christmas decorations,  creating art with hambones… anything.  I am hooked.

Now, I can proudly claim to have discovered my very own hack!

The Problem

Most of us suffer with those ever present, unsightly cords and cables.

My router, phone, laptop, IPad, Fitbit, speakers, TV, and my lamps all have cords.

They are ugly.

They can present tripping hazards.

Mainly, they are ugly.


The Laptop on the Counter — Before

Photo Lori Greer

I like having a laptop on my kitchen counter.

I can check recipes, WordPress notifications (!), emails, and social media.

I also listen to the news on NPR, watch a movie or TV show while cooking or cleaning my kitchen.

I connect a small Harmon Kardon speaker to improve the sound quality.

Add a few post-it notes and the mail and that corner starts to look pretty messy.

I tried to stash my laptop someplace close when not in use…not convenient at all.

If I had a zillion dollars or the competence to use handtools, I might devise a custom solution.

Broke and desperate, I found a “hack”!


Ta Da! The Laptop on the Counter — Now

When my tissue holder was empty rather than refill it I decided to stuff the bulky cable inside.

It’s not perfect but I find it more appealing than looking at coiled up black cords.

I think of it as “one small step in man’s struggle with cords”!

Tissue holder from Cabo.  Photo Lori Greer

As you can see, my bar is not that high!

What about you?  Have you hacked anything lately? And, I don’t mean computers!


You can find all kinds of hacks on You Tube.

Now, if I can find a hack for that white cord hanging down in the first picture!

A hacker’s work is never done!





11 thoughts on “Now You See It…Now You Don’t

  1. Awesome hack !!! I was looking online and something I found that wouldn’t work because you have tile, inspired another idea.. What about a wood framed chalkboard for notes, to cover the outlet and wire ? No assembly required.. Just lean it against the wall.. You can lay a piece of chalk on the frame.. Or maybe get multicolored chalk and put it inside your wire box.. Just push a cut paper towel roll or toilet paper roll down the hole and boom, you have a stand for a few pieces of chalk..
    The chalkboard and tissue box would be doing double duty.. 😄

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  2. Lori 🙂 I had to laugh- I think a number of us have the same problems as you – your tissue box is not such a bad idea at all – better than all those horrible wires. You should visit my own Study and look at the cable mess – no solution found as yet. But clever girl your kitchen top looks better now. 🙂 🙂

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  3. You two are brilliant – I would never have thought of that. Though I have placed a decorative tray against the wall – please don’t move, or you’ll see the wires and cords jumbled behind. Now ti find a way to keep out all the dust.

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  4. Loved the beauty created from your tissue box. Thanks for blog. We have a higher TV unit and hang the cords behind but what you have done makes the room look friendly and beautiful.

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  5. Great idea Lori! 🙂

    I came up with a hack of my own for those times when you drop something (a kitchen utensil/lid usually) into a tiny space that is hard to reach normally. Get a largish plastic shopping bag ( i suppose a material one would do as well) and pop a magnet into it, i used an old one i salvaged from an old speaker, then hold the bag by the handle and lower the bag into the space until it touches the thing you need to pick up. providing it is made of steel or tin it should come out easily with no effort. 🙂

    Great for cutlery, pan lids, ladles or metal spatulas in particular! Also for nails or screws dropped behind furniture! Not so good for jewellery sadly!

    Thanks for the post!


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