Retro, Fun, Relevant

hot man on beach pexels-photo-319930

Since many places are suffering extreme heat, I decided it would be fun to share this video about what happens to our bodies when it’s hot outside.


Wonders of Our Body

It’s fun to watch.

Fun but relevant.


6 thoughts on “Retro, Fun, Relevant

      1. It is smokier than it was yesterday. They’re telling people to stay inside and not go walking or jogging. My eyes were burning just sitting in the house. Very thick smoke and the sun was a red ball for several hours, long before sunset (still high in the sky). But we’ll work through this. It’s much worse for people who are directly affected by the fires in their area.

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  1. Relevant here as well. Though we are in winter we have both a heat advisory and a bushfire alert in some parts of my state. Keep enjoying where possible soon the longing for the warmer days will be with you. Cheers!

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  2. Well done video. Great that you posted it.
    It’s been miserably hot and humid here in So Cal – we’ve been drinking plenty of water, but without AC in our house, the heat is hard to beat. My heart goes out to all of you in fire country – stay safe.

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