Genesis: Art

“Genesis links ancient creation stories and the human compulsion to make.”

Quote from the scuptor, Sharon Warman Agnor, Vancouver Washington about her scupture “Genesis”.

“Genesis”by Sharon Warman Agnor//Stainless steel, kiln-cast glass. `Photo Lori Greer

10 thoughts on “Genesis: Art

    1. I am drawn to more conventional, classical ones such as Michelangelo’s “David” and “La Pieta”. I spent hours in the Louvre looking at ancient sculptures from Greece and Rome. Still, this one causes me to stop everytime I pass it to ponder the materials, the composition and what was in the mind of the artist.

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    1. Will you have a view? A few miles south of Portland is perfect but the crowds coming in are huge. Ginny and I are staying home! There are viewing parties all over town so I may attend one within walking distance.

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      1. Only a partial eclipse here so I doubt we’ll fill up with anyone but the locals who sleep in late. Our son and his family took a road trip to Missouri but they had rain and thunderstorms today so they aren’t sure if they are going to see anything. Still, it’s an adventure, isn’t it?
        Whatever, I hope everyone views safely.
        Best to you – and maybe not take Ginny outside during the eclipse – she probably won’t wear the glasses.

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  1. Oh dear, I’m laughing at myself. I admired the sculpture, and tried to think where it was located here in Vancouver, so I could go see it in person. Then I read more carefully. Ah! Vancouver Washington!!

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