Being Watched

It’s creepy to feel that I am being watched.

It happens almost everyday when I walk.

It happens in a shady lane where I seek respite from the hot sun.

Walking, I feel someone watching.

There is no one in the lane.

My walking path.   ~Photo Lori Greer

My dog Ginny is always with me.

She is a lovable, friendly Golden Doodle.

Would she defend me?  I think so.

Yet, I don’t want to put her to the test!

Why not go a different way?

Why court trouble?


I am being watched.

Summoning my courage,  I decide to investigate.

Instead of hurrying on to reach the sunny part of the lane, I stop.

I look around and feel someone watching me.

I want to run.  I can not breathe.

I look at Ginny.

She is happily sniffing the ground with no thoughts  of danger.

I look up and see an eye staring at me.

I gasp! I stand there.

A wooden fowl in a tree in a lane.  ~Photo Lori Greer

Who put it there?

What is the story?

I doubt I will ever know who, why or when.

However, this wooden creature is now part of my story.

I can tell my grandchildren about when their Oma was scared to walk down a lane.

Maybe there’s a lesson for them about looking all around – not just straight ahead.

I can relate the tale with a laugh to my girlfriends at lunch.

It can lighten the moment as only silly stories among friends can do.

I can share it with my Internet buddies!

It is another link to sharing our humanity with each other.


13 thoughts on “Being Watched

  1. Ecologists tell us that as we walk in the mountains, mountain lions are sometimes watching us from a safe perch, trying to decide whether we’re worth taking as lunch. I’m hoping that if I ever see an eye staring through the brush, it will be a wooden one!

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  2. What a wonderful story – that is some strange goose, scribed all over with rune signs and astrological symbols and math equations and messages from space – or maybe just a recipe for spaghetti sauce. This is the stuff that campfire stories are made of. Your children will pass the tale down to their children. A hundred years from now, someone will take a youngster in their lap and begin: Did I ever tell you about the time that Oma Greer got word from on high?

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  3. Ha ha…that’s a scary thing to find in the woods!! I feel that sense quite often walking our property line and sometimes I will spot a wild turkey in the tree or a coyote watching from a distance. Strange when you can “sense” that. Hope things are going well with your DIL. Tina

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