Allow Mistakes

To my friend who was so upset about a mistake:

     *You are hardworking.

     *You are resourceful.

     *You reach for new goals.

     *You will make mistakes.

     *This is a hiccup along the way.

     *Allow mistakes.

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“Feeling confident is an important part of success.

“One way to boost your confidence is to allow mistakes.

“Don’t expect perfection.

“Instead, learn from your mistakes and forge ahead.”

~~Kristin S. Vickers Douglas, Ph.D., L.P.   Mayo Clinic







13 thoughts on “Allow Mistakes

  1. Allowing yourself to make mistakes sounds simple. But it can make a profound difference in the quality of our lives. I can still remember the day that I realized this for myself. We are human and it is very important to give the same grace and compassion to ourselves that we give others. Just like I used to tell my children… the important thing is that in our hearts we strive to do the right thing, and when we do make mistakes that we learn something from them. There is nothing more we can expect from anyone… including ourselves! Mistakes don’t define us, but they can help to shape us!

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  2. Being human means we will inevitably make mistakes. Learning from them will not break us only make us stronger if we can forgive ourselves and determine to go forward aiming for ‘better’. Prayers and hugs to you.

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  3. One cannot ‘know’ and appreciate perfection unless they ‘know’ and understand the mistakes it took to get there. That is the balance in life, one cannot exist without the other 😀
    Great post Lori, may your world always have the love of that balance ❤

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  4. I feel like you wrote this for me – I cannot accept making errors and don’t forgive myself when I do. Other people tell me to let it go, but it’s very hard to be imperfect. To be human. I’m going to remember that you told me to allow mistakes – even if you really wrote this for someone else. Thank you.

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  5. The discovery of infrared radiation was accidental. The researcher, measuring the temperature of different colors of the spectrum, inadvertently laid his thermometer down in the wrong place. Retrieving it, he noticed that the temperature was higher than in the red wavelengths! Sometimes simple mistakes open us to discoveries we wouldn’t make any other way.

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