A Writer’s Duty

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A writer’s duty is twofold: “the refusal to lie about what one knows and the resistance against oppression.”  Albert Camus,  his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, 1957.

The Stranger and The Plague are two of my favorite novels by Camus.

My experience of these two novels, and indeed his other works, is different every time I read them which I do every few years or so.

I know the plot lines but I don’t know the whole story.

He survived two world wars.  He was a member of the French Resistance  (la Résistance) during the occupation of France in WWII.

He answered the call to duty for his country and his art.








7 thoughts on “A Writer’s Duty

  1. I have often wrestled with how much truth to put into my novels, and who will be offended if I am too forthcoming about “how it really is.” Coward that I am, I have always tempered my writing, but it gets harder and harder to resist the urge to “say it like it is.”

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