On Flowers

“ The reason I paint flowers is that I see them fading.

“This reminds me of the eternally renewed, the springtime, all of that, because I feel death and disaster lurk right behind them.”   *

Flowers  ~Photo Lori Greer Portland Oregon 

“The sudden loss of her father, N.C. Wyeth, who was killed in an accident in October 1945, gave her an early and acute awareness of how quickly life could change.” Portland Art Museum

*~Henriette Wyeth, American painter 1907-1997






3 thoughts on “On Flowers

  1. What a beautiful bouquet.
    When I think of flowers, I remember the importance of enjoying them while they’re here. Flowers are truly an important reminder of the short lives we all lead. How crucial it is to love one another, and cherish our own lives before we also wither.

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  2. Painting, photography, and writing where WORDS are alive with Hope all of these are perhaps indicative of the tragedies that every life must journey through if they are to claim they have ever really LIVED.

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