Spooky guy…

The weather was glorious as it can be only in the Pacific Northwest in early fall.

The air was crisp and invigorating.

The sun was shining and warmed my back as I walked along, lost in my thoughts. 

What is this?

Then,  I was startled by someone staring at me from a parked car.

I approached the car and gasped.  Then, I laughed.


Happy Halloween!

12 thoughts on “Spooky guy…

  1. 31st here when I awoke. Celebrating Reformation Day in our hearts. I know a lot of the Halloween hype will be there. Yes, I will laugh but it has never been a part of my growing up. My parents would be appalled at what is allowed, particularly with children all because it is (?funny).(Stranger danger and warning them about not getting into (dark) areas of life) and then society plunging them into this as FUN. Enjoy your day. I still want the beautiful in all aspects of life. One small town I know has built an enormous fairy castle and invited all the local children to come and explore. They are calling their day………… (a Day for imagination and beauty). Amazing how year by year more and more children are choosing to visit there instead of getting involved in this formerly pagan tradition which came out of the devastating plague of the 13th century, in England. The reason all our shops have embraced it here is because of the mighty dollar not for any other reason.

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