Aiden’s First Bike

Another sign that my grandson is growing up!

Aiden on his first bike! ~Photo Greer family

I really missed seeing him at Thanksgiving this year.

His other grandmother was there so he had plenty of attention…not that he ever lacks in that department.  He is one lucky little boy with loving parents, grandparents , great-grandparents, a warm bed, plenty to eat and opportunities to grow and learn.

Hands holding the hand of a younger
~Photo Thailand Free Images

I love my sons but my grand children…that takes love to another level!

Do I sound like a doting grandmother?  I wear the hat proudly!

7 thoughts on “Aiden’s First Bike

  1. I love the picture. You are indeed blessed. We have five grandchildren loved dearly. All do not live close to us but long journey for connection we work towards. Maybe meet up half way at a holiday beach house one son is hoping to rent the week before Christmas. ? possibilities keep the heart light.

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