All those bad boys!

Caffeine, sugar, fat, carbs, white flour, processed foods…all those bad boys! 

According to this bumper sticker, caffeine has been given a reprieve.

Good to know as I drink at least three cups a day!

~Photo Lori Greer


12 thoughts on “All those bad boys!

      1. I never drink anything but water and of course, Boost. I used to drink 3 to 4 pots of coffee a day. I still love to smell it but I just gave it up. And I used to drink a gallon of milk a day. One day, I just decided to give it up. Have never had a sip since.

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  1. Coffee addict. Wish I weren’t but I’ve stopped fighting it and have learned to enjoy it. Anyway, one week it’s supposed to be bad for us and then another week it’s suddenly good for us.
    Have been thinking about you, wondering how you’re doing.

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    1. I agree about enjoying rather than fighting my coffee addiction. As long as I am healthy and functioning everyday, I feel that I can eat/drink most anything in moderation.
      Thanks for asking about how I am doing. Somedays are really tough when reality sets in. It has been six months since her diagnosis and bad prognosis. She is hanging in there with an experimental drug that seems to be working. So, we keep our fingers crossed. The baby is a joy and source of comfort to all of us. I am back in Portland now for a few weeks while other family visits them. Plus, my son is off for the holidays. It is good to be home. I am catching up on sleep! Take care and be well. Lori

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  2. Next week they’ll tell us water is bad for us…probably because they have something better….to sell us 😀
    I listen to my body now Lori, at least I know it will tell me the truth. I’ve just got to be sure I want to listen to it though…especially when chocolate is around 😀

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  3. Caffeine is certainly not a crime, but the way some cafe workers turn it into a “beverage-that-should-never-be-called-coffee” certainly is. It’s a good thing I don’t believe in capital punishment 🙂

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  4. Food trends amaze me. Once upon a time we were told tea was much better for us here in Oz than coffee. They conducted a survey? scientific?? The results were unusual Tea and coffee both have some qualities that are beneficial. What is best? survey was inclusive All the tea and coffee test folks lived to an old age…..the scientist conducting the survey died very young from a stress related disorder. I love my coffee but live by the rule ‘moderation in ALL things…ie even chocolate!. Hope all is ok with you Lori. Cheers!

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