Fair Warning…

I  know most of us have bad days at times.

However, I can never understand why or how a person could be RUDE to the person behind the counter anywhere.  Or, what gives a person the right to be mean to others at anytime?

Two-Slice Hilly

People who feel powerless often resort to passive aggressive behavior to retaliate against a more powerful person.

It is not right on their part nor is it healthy for them but understandable when they feel oppressed.

It is a way to gain some measure of control over the situation.

People who abuse their power forget that the “little people” can strike back in many ways.

Community, caring and compromise are better approaches than oppressive, authoritarian measures.

~Photo Lori Greer

Two-Slice Hilly

13 thoughts on “Fair Warning…

    1. Great minds think alike! On another note, have you heard of “Chapter A Day”? They read a book each month from a different author. I listen to it on Wisconsin Public Radio. If you like I can send you a link. I thought it might be a good venue for your books. I don’t know how they select their books but I have listened to a lot of good ones over the years!

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  1. As we see the secular world and political correctness running rampant we can expect to see rampant rudeness from all over the place. Folks who are not accountable to anything higher than themselves tend to act accordingly. Making coffees with love, sharing a smile, being gracious to others are all indicative of people who live their lives with Hope and Beauty as their goal. This is what you sow on your blog with the truth also about the heartache and the struggles. Peace! and Grace! to you and yours. Sometime if you have a minute check out http://www.fayeroots.com It is my personal website. If interested it is a bit more about me as a person and why I passionately write as I do the stories of Hope and courage even in the valleys of life. Keep blogging you are and encouragement..

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  2. When someone behind the counter is especially cordial, I make sure to acknowledge it. When someone is not, I usually say something like I bet you have a great smile. That usually gets a smile!

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  3. Hear, hear! I am so glad you wrote this post! However, being the person behind the counter can also be an opportunity to learn compassion for these unpleasant people, who most likely talk to themselves this way, in their thoughts.

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