Boy With Thorn

~Statue frm The Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon.  Photo by Lori Greer ~ 


I was excited to see this statue during a visit to the lovely The Pittock Mansion in Portland.

I thought it might be Boy with Thorn.

The original statue, in the Capitoline Museum in Rome, has longer hair and a slightly different body position.  Legend tells us that the boy was on a mission to deliver an important message to the Roman Senate. Along the way he stepped on a thorn but did not stop.  Only after the message was delivered, did the boy sit down to pull the thorn from his foot.  The statue was commissioned by the Senate to honor his civic responsibility.

I could not find any information on the history of this particular piece in The Pittock Mansion in Portland.

However, it was nice to see it and be reminded of the story of the faithful servant.

I was satified to live in this moment with this particular boy with thorn.

The Pittock Mansion Portland Oregon

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