Marie, I wanted cake!

I know it’s never a good idea to go to the grocery store when I am hungry.

It was an especially bad idea this morning as I was hungy and I had just worked out with my trainer at the gym.  I was hungry and tired.  

~Sign at Zupan’s Market. Photo by Lori Greer~

After the “big” snow storm in Portland, I was out of some essentials.  One was Ellenos Greek yoghurt which is available only at Zupan’s Markets in Portland or Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Off I went to Zupan’s since I was not driving to Seattle any time soon.  Even though I was starving I need just three things and felt I could be in and out without a problem.

The problem is that Ellenos yoghurt is sold at the bakery counter, displayed in big tubs like ice cream.   All kinds of toppings and flavors make the yohgurt more of  a dessert.

I placed an order for a container of plain yoghurt to take home and a cup of black coffee.

Coffee’s a good choice, right?  Something to sip on to take my mind off temptation.

Of course, what goes well with coffee?  Cookies, slices of cake, brownies, doughnuts!

I was staying the course even though delicious treats from local bakers such as Blue Bird Bakers, Farina Bakery, NOLA Doughnuts and St. Honore Bakery were calling to me.

For a few moments, there was the back and forth as I contemplated buying just a “little treat”.

Two minutes on my lips, forever on my hips.

I had just lifted weights, done crunches, squats with kettle bells.  Yes, I deserved a small reward.

Even a small dessert with all that sugar will negate all of your work.


After putting my yoghurt in my cart, I walked away sipping my coffee with no desserts.  I promised myself that if I still wanted a dessert after I finished the rest of my shopping I could return to the bakery counter and buy a little treat.

I finished shopping for a container of Nancy’s Kefir and two bottles of GTS Kombucha and by then, the desire was gone.  I left without purchasing a dessert for myself.

Healthy Choices 1   Bad Choices 0

Arriving home, I plopped some of the yoghurt on blueberries with chia seeds sprinkled on top.  Not just any blueberries but ones picked fresh last summer at Mount Hood and frozen for days like today.

Fortunately my personal Maginot Line* held today.

However, I do plan to invite friends one day soon to my house for coffee and baked deliciousness.

That way, I can “have my cake and eat it too!”

Everything in moderation…including moderation.  ~Julia Child


*With respect to those who fought to hold the Maginot Line.