Snowy Day in Portland

Snow in Portland MVIMG_20180221_065603-EFFECTS
~Photo Lori Greer ~

A lovely scene as day breaks in Portland.

The snow slows everyone down a bit.  Some stay home.  Others venture out to work. The streets are mostly silent.

The county offices opened two hours later this morning.

I stay home too.  No yoga. No weight training. No errands.

As I work in my office, I see children coming out to play in the snow.

Cabin Fever

Ginny and I take a couple of slow walks in the late morning and afternoon.

I am bundled from head to toe.  She prances along oblivious to the cold.

I see other neighbors walking their dogs also.

Kids on sleds take turns careening down an alley near my house.

It feels good to be outside in the fresh air.

It feels good to be relaxed and happy.

It feels good to let go of adult worries.

It feels good to be warm on a cold day with the sun on my face.