A Love Story

Barnes and Miriam were a senior couple who lived together for several years but were not married.  It was really sweet to see them together. Their devotion and enjoyment of each of other’s company was clearly evident.

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Miriam’s daughter Joanne was an only child.  Joanne built a beautiful new home and decided to move Miriam into her spare bedroom in the back of her new house.

Over Miriam’s protests, Joanne sold Miriam’s home and sent Barnes to live with his son several hours away.  Miriam went from living in her own home to a single bedroom in her daughter’s house.

She and Barnes were devastated.  He came to see her once only to be sent packing by Joanne who warned him and his son that she would call the police if he returned.

True Love Will Not Be Denied

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Barnes was determined to see Miriam again and departed mid-morning one day to make the journey.  It was a hot summer day and his old car broke down.  He did not have a cellphone and so he waited for a passerby.  Waiting in the hot car, he was overcome with heat exhaustion and passed out.  He eventually was taken to the hospital where he died.

He never saw Miriam again.

Twenty years have passed and yet this story bothers me still.  I ignored Joanne’s request to “friend me” on Facebook.






31 thoughts on “A Love Story

    1. Her behavior was based on selfishness and greed in my opinion. It was easier to have her Mother live with her. Plus, she could access her Mother’s pension to help fund the new place. Total disregard for her Mother’s feeliings!

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  1. Oh my is this story true? What a testament to true love, but oh what a sad ending! If not true, a very creative story and I like the ending. I wouldn’t “friend” her on facebook either!


    1. It took me a long time not to seethe over this event. Her daughter is so spoiled and selfish to this day. Thank you for reading. I hope everything is well in your world.


  2. Such cruelty by a daughter. I find it so difficult to believe she had good intentions in moving her mother, and great horror that she was actually able to do so.


    1. I believe that greed and laziness motivated the daughter. With her Mother tucked away in the back of the house, she did not have to check on her. Also, with her Mother under her roof, she could charge her rent to help pay for her new house. I think she bullied her Mother so that she let her sell the house. I have known her for many years and she always fights to get her way.

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      1. She charged her mother RENT???? SHE’s the one who moved her from her home…..What a sad, sad state of affairs. I find it so sad that we, as Americans, live in a country where both our seniors and our youth are so disregarded for their contributions to our life. I sooo want my Mom to move out here to live with me so that I can care for her and bring enjoyment to her life with the days she has left, but she insists that she “needs to live HER life” and she wants all of her children to “live theirs”..

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      2. I agree that our treatment of our elders and our youth leaves much to be desired. How kind you are to want to take care of your Mother. As the years progress, she may decide to take you up on your offer. I know that your generosity and kindness must warm her heart. Happy Wednesday, Lori


    1. It’s wonderful that your grandmother was able to live her life in a loving relationship rather than stuck in a spare bedroom in the back of the house. It was a dignified and authentic way to live. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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