If you have a garden…

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.   ~Cicero

Poster at the public library in Florence, Alabama. Photo Lori Greer

Lucky me

My Mother planted a large vegetable garden each summer.
Thanks to her green thumb, we ate a variety of fresh vegetables all summer.

I have wonderful memories of shelling peas and beans and cleaning corn on the porch with Mother, her sisters and assorted cousins. The stories and the female camaraderie helped to form the woman I would become.

Mother canned or froze part of the bounty from the vegetable garden along with fruit from our trees and bushes. We ate like royalty all year round. No frozen or canned “store bought” food for us!

Mother and her sisters are dead.  My cousins are spread across many states.  Yet, the memories remain.

With my small vegetable garden, a book, a cool drink, and a comfortable chair, I am ready  for summer.