Not a happy camper

I was so excited to get my new Nest thermostat on Saturday morning.

~I took this photo when I was excited to have my new smart thermostat.  Not so happy now! ~Photo Lori Greer

Cooling it with Google…

Then, not so happy when hot air came out of my vents when I turned down the air conditioning Saturday night.  My house quickly became hot and muggy.

I turned off the system and opened all my windows while I researched the Nest app and website for help.

Speaking as an amateur, it appears that the system is set up to run a heat pump which I do not have.

I called Best Buy/ Geek Squad today and the earliest date for repair is Friday, June 8th.

That is problematic because after June 9th, Best Buy will not allow me to return the Nest.

Had I known that

1.  Best Buy has a 15-day return policy on the Nest thermostat, and

2.  The countdown would have begun on the installation date (June 2) rather than the purchase date (May 25)

I would have let the installer  bring the Nest when he came to install it rather than taking it home with me on the purchase date May 25.  I wish my sales person had told me this.

I see my sales person as my advocate who helps me chose the best product and informs me of all the details and provisions of my purchase.  When they do this, they get a loyal customer and one who spreads the word to all her friends!

I hope that the Geek Squad can correct the problem.  They did a great job when they installed my Google Hello video doorbell.

Everything seemed OK when they installed my thermostat but it’s not OK by a long shot.

I have a Google Pixel phone, Google mini, Google mesh wifi and Google Hello video doorbell…all of which work well.

I hope Best Buy/Geek Squad will do the right thing and solve this problem to my satisfaction.

I hope the installation of my new dishwasher from Best Buy will go well this week.  I am nervous now about that based on this experience.

Caveat emptor!