Cooling it with Google…

I never imagined that cooling my home in summer would be an issue in Portland, Oregon.  I counted on  a few hot days and then, back to cooler days and nights!

~Photo Lori Greer

Normally, I prefer to stay home in the summer.  Why travel when Portland’s daily temperatures are in the 70’s with nights cooling to 40-50’s?  With the beauty of the Pacific Northwest as a backdrop, it is paradise!

Sadly, those days seem to be slipping away. Our summer weather seems to get hotter each year.  So much so, that I now have a “hot weather” wardrobe with the requisite linen and cotton pieces.

Bring on Google

I had a Google Nest 3rd generation learning thermostat installed* this week.  I want to lower my electric bills and, hopefully, cool my upstairs efficiently.

I signed up for Portland General Electric’s “Rush Hour Rewards” program.  I am doing my part as a good citizen and may save on my bill also.  Remember “rolling black outs”?

My next step is to explore and probably purchase the Nest temperature sensor.  It regulates the temperature in specific rooms such my upstairs office during the day.  At $39, the sensor is inexpensive and easy to set up.  I can place it on my desk or a shelf.

So, time will tell if the smart folks at Google can help me stay cooler in summer without exorbitant electric bills.

Today’s expected high is 84°. Not as hot as July or August but still toasty upstairs.

OK, Google let’s see what you can do!


*Ron Edwards, Geek Squad, Best Buy installed it.  He was professional and pleasant.