Parking fail but not mine!

~Photo Lori Greer in Portland June 2019~

Seeing this parked car made me laugh out loud.

I could see me parking over the line with a car of this length.

Parallel parking is not a preferred activity especially on a busy street in downtown Portland!

I especially hate it when lots of people are watching me.

“Woman driver”  I can hear them muttering. 

I learned to drive in a small Anglia which was perfect.

When I had to take my driver’s test my Mother insisted on taking her Cadillac which had fins and was three city blocks long.

I knew I would never pass the parallel parking part of the test.

Plus, I would damage others cars and be in debt for the rest of my life.

However, I had a kind examiner who directed me  to park parallel between cones.

Even though I was nervous, I did not knock over any of the cones.

Just remembering the experience makes me thankful for the kindness of strangers!


7 thoughts on “Parking fail but not mine!

  1. Parallel parking is a challenge for most people. Long ago, I figured out a method that works well for me. I have lineup points that I use as guidelines – like turning the wheel to the right and backing up until the left fender of my car is lined up (in the mirror) with the halfway point of the grill of the car behind me and then quickly cranking the wheel to the left for the rest of the way. Don’t quote me on this way of doing it, as I may have gotten it wrong in my description, but anyway, the point is that once you have it figured out where the lineups are, it works nearly every time. Good for you for making it work with the cadillac.

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  2. I took my road test in a small town and there were no cars to line up in between and I hit the curb twice while pretending there were cars and the examiner said…you’re fine just pull away and I passed the test lol. I will circle around and park a mile away to avoid parallel parking lol!

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