This too shall pass

I used to become annoyed when older people would respond to my lamentations about a problem with the comment “This too shall pass.”

I felt that they were making light of something that was important and possibly earth-shattering.

I felt as though they did not care.

I felt dismissed.

I felt unheard.

I felt angry.

~Photo Akyurt~

Now, as an older person, I find myself saying, often with a sigh, “This too shall pass.”

I say this to myself as well as others.

I am not giving up

I am not making light of the problem.

I am acknowledging that some things are out of my control.

Some things need time for resolution.

Some things don’t seem to have happy endings…at least for the present.

When I respond that way, especially to a young person,  I need to reassure them that I hear them and that I care about their issue.

I need to gently remind them that sometimes, there is no immediate answer or, at least, not the answer sought.

Life is a work in progress.

There are few absolutes.

We do the best we can.








14 thoughts on “This too shall pass

  1. It’s like saying, “There, there. Things will get better. You’ll feel better when you get through this.” Anyway, I suppose the point of the whole cliché is that it’s meant to console.


  2. Lori, so true! I used to get really annoyed with my mother when she had that response. Besides feeling unsupported, I also thought it was such a defeatist outlook. But my goodness, time has passed and I have learned the acceptance that I so rebelled against. And best one remembers how it felt when an older person appeared dismissive, so we can be kinder and more understanding towards others going through their motions. ❤


  3. I think being heard is probably the most important thing. Most of us realise our problems don’t have easy fixes, but we want to be heard and acknowledged. You have expressed that beautifully.


  4. There are no absolutes but if you have faith that assures you this Earth is NOT my final HOME then ‘Faith’ alone can say…..this too shall pass. One day…..eternity particularly for the elderly, but sadly sometimes for the young it comes sooner than we all would hope. But, indeed listening, loving and caring is what we should be doing as we walk ever onwards……One Day at a Time!. Hold always on to
    H O P E


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