A World Worthy of Its Children

~Photo Juan Pablo Arenas http://www.pexels.com~

“You must all work – we must all work
to make this world worthy of its children.”  Pablo Casals

“Children express deep frustration at the levels of neglect, abuse and fear surrounding their lives. Those affected by community violence see their days surrounded by fear of extortion and manipulation by violent gangs and criminal networks, fear of being stigmatized as a danger to society and fear of being criminalized by the police.”  United Nations on Violence Against Children

It is so easy to be so wrapped in our families, our politics, our jobs that we forget the ongoing urgent needs of children in the world.

We don’t have to go to a far away land, we don’t have to sell all of our belongings.

We need only to stay aware and stay committed to finding solutions for this international problem.

There are many good people and many good organizations that need our support.

Child abuse, child neglect, violence against children, human trafficking, guns in schools…

Pick a cause.





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