Sticker Shock

I buy cardamon in bulk from one of my favorite stores, New Seasons.  

I love the fragrance and taste.  

Running low, I added it to my grocery list.  

Without thinking, I put a few large scoops in a plastic bag.

When I weighed it and saw the price, I was shocked.

It’s almost $50 per pound.

Why so much?

I learned that there is a three-year waiting period after planting before cardamon can be harvested.  The pods are handpicked. 

Also, this higher price could reflect basic supply and demand in global markets.  

I needed cardamon and knew that this “stash” would be fresher and probably less expensive than the prepackaged variety. 

Arriving home, I put the package aside on my kitchen counter so that I could transfer it to a glass jar to store in my pantry.

I later noticed the fragrance wafting through my house.

I could smell it even upstairs!

The aroma reminded me of chai lattes at Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe in Astoria.  This is a destination place for me on the Oregon Coast.  Everything is delicious and the service is fantastic.  

Yes, fresh cardamon is expensive but worth it as most recipes call for a small amount.

Cardamon coffee, cardamon chai, cardamon cookies…here I come!


7 thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. My dilemma is never knowing which is the correct spelling…..cardamom or cardamon…since I’ve seen both? Now that we are on the subject I quickly googled it and it seems that both are okay. Both spellings smell equally nice!! ❤ Jeanne

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    1. Good morning Fay
      I was so amazed at the scent wafting out of a plastic bag.
      Now it is stored in a glass jar in a dark pantry so that lovely fragrance is hidden.
      Blessings, Lori


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