I am not sure what this means on the tag of a car I pass on my walk.   

In my mind, I hear a husband saying to his wife, “Ok, love” whatever you want. 

I don’t know if he is exasperated and defeated.  Or, is he expressing his devotion?  

I will never know.

Signs of the times

It is interesting that we live in a time where we display our feelings, loyalties, sense of humor, politics, philosophy and more on automotive tags, tee shirts, signs in our front yard, bumper stickers.

My parents and grandparents would have found that abhorrent.  

Some people would counter that even for my elders there were signs all around, perhaps more subtle and probably more ambiguous. 

We can be judged, categorized and pigeonholed by the cars we drive, the neighborhoods where we live, our profession or lack thereof, the leisure activities we enjoy, where, or if, we worship.  The list goes on.

I live in Oregon. 

I drive a foreign car. 

I attend the Episcopal church. 

I drink red wine.  

A person could draw conclusions about my politics, my worldview, my economic status…

But that is only part of the story of me.

People are more than their parts. 






5 thoughts on “OK LOVE

  1. So, SO true! I don’t even know what Episcopalian means. And I don’t feel it is necessary that I should know in order to appreciate how you write about what you think and feel. The bits of you that I can see are enough for me to know that you are a lovely person. ❤

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  2. I am a passionate creative Christian. I follow the shepherd. I am not an ‘anything’ as regards denominations. I am obviously externally an elderly lady. Our vehicle is also obviously an elderly vehicle. I do not have to advertise my life status. You Lori come out so clearly as a lovely person as stated above. Its in your writing expression. I pray that something of what I am within is visible to all I meet. (it’s not about me……….more and more I pray it will be all about HIM. Blessings, Strength and Love to you as you journey onwards in this 2020 year.

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