3 P.M. Today

Brave new world.

I have an appointment today at 3 P.M. at my bank.

No more stopping in unannounced!

I used to walk my dog Ginny and pop in to make a quick deposit, have a cup of tea or coffee while Ginny enjoyed a biscuit and water inside the lobby.  I knew the tellers and they knew me.  It was one of Ginny’s favorite stops.

Another aspect of my life that I have to plan…

Really, it’s not such a big deal.  Just another change to my way of life.

Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “3 P.M. Today

    1. I was afraid I might forget my appointment and then have to wait for another one. So I was at the door (locked) 10 minutes early. All went well as I was the only customer in the bank. I hope you are well.

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  1. Taking time to move forward is the truth of our lives here in Oz. Learning and adapting. The second wave will not happen if things are only ‘opened up’ S L O W L Y. Having to shop ‘on line’ instead of freely being able to look and choose has been one learning curve for me. Like Lori, banking issues without personal contact oh how good is used to me to speak with a real person. Tomorrow if only everyone would gently go day by day and no one is pressured to open too prematurely.

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