Bounty from Coquine Restaurant in Portland

Today was a new adventure for me in food shopping. 

On the red tray is my haul from Coquine , a delightful French-inspired restaurant in SE Portland.  

As Coquine is open for take out only.  Customers can buy prepared entrees, baked goods and other delicious items from Coquine.

Also, Coquine allows their farmers and other food purveyors to sell direct through their restaurant. The menu is quite extensive with produce, meat, seafood, coffee, tea, eggs and dairy.  

It was hard to just order a few things but since I crave vegetables, I opted for a fresh produce bag. 

Since I can’t always find locally roasted coffee, I added a pound of Coava Coffee beans to my order.  Coava describes their coffee as “northwest coffee roaster notoriously fueled by good folks and Led Zeppelin”.   I like their coffee and was happy to find it on the Coquine take out menu. 

What’s in the bag

Here’s what I found in my bag, all are fresh and fragrant.  All are organic and local.  

Aspargus (“Spargel mit butter” with a bit of ham comes to mind as a simple, but delicious supper.)

Green Garlic (A reminder of southern Spain.)

Leeks (Vichyssoise anyone?  The first time I had this simple soup was in 9th grade at my French club banquet.  Then, years later my friend Mireille taught me how to make it during a marathon cooking session at her house in northern France.)

Nantes carrots (Roasted = delicious in salads, topping for pizza, or a sidedish.)

Spring onions, argula, basil  (For salads, soups, in pestos, sandwiches.) 

Strawberries!!!  (They are red, ripe and delicious! I am trying not to eat the entire pint all at once.)

The list of ingredients included instructions on preparing the vegetables as well as recipe ideas.  

I am going to play in my kitchen today with my friends Francis from The Splendid Table and Ina the Barefoot Contessa.

The red roses, the yellow roses, and the rosemary are from this city girl’s garden.



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