Sleeping puppy

I’m going to dictate this post very quietly into my phone.

My sweet 3-month-old puppy, Riley, is asleep on my lap.

It is a wonderful.

Outside the weather is cold and overcast.

Earlier we went for a long walk where she interacted with other dogs and friendly people. I find most people can’t resist a baby or a puppy.

After our walk, I sat down for a minute to relax and catch my breath. She drank some water and came immediately asking to come up in my lap.

I could not resist her sweet little face. So here we sit.

There’s no place I would rather be. Stroking her as she sleeps fills me with peace and love.

Through my window I enjoy seeing the trees with their changing yellow and orange leaves.

A large bluebird lands on the fence with what looks like a nut in his beak. Earlier, squirrels had scampered along that same fence.

I have things to do. People to call and email.

But here I sit at peace with the world.

9 thoughts on “Sleeping puppy

  1. Beautiful. Indeed there can be no greater comfort than the interaction of love between a young animal and a loving caring heart. Blessings! Please let me know sometime Riley’s breed. For three months old, he looks massive. What a beautiful dog!

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    1. Hi Faye,
      Greetings from Oregon on a cold evening. Riley is asleep on the floor by my desk. She is such a comfort.
      She is a mini Aussiedoodle…a mix of Australian Sheppard and Poodle. As a mix, I am not positive about her eventual size but expect her to be around 20-20 lbs when full-grown. She is four months old.
      I hope you are doing well and enjoying every day. Love, Lori

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