My black hole

You don’t have to be a physicist to identify a black hole.

Nor do you have to be a scientist to deal with one.

All that is needed is determination and resolve.

I think. I hope.

Today is the day that I weed out the extra black pants from my wardrobe.

I have dressy black pants for that important meeting that I may have some day.

I have linen black pants for those insufferable hot days of summer especially if I am in the South where the heat and humidity make me want to park myself in the air conditioning with a cool, icy drink.

This is one of the reasons that I love Portland in the summer. There are a few days that can range to a few weeks when it is really hot here . Nevertheless, we enjoy the respite of cool evenings and mornings.

I have side zip capris that are perfect with sweaters for a smooth silhouette.

I have multiples of the same pants sometimes in different sizes.

I have pants in various fabrics ranging from organic to blends.

So, following a version of Marie Kondo’s philosophy, all of my black pants are on my bed awaiting their fate.

I have to be merciless!

Wish me luck!!

9 thoughts on “My black hole

  1. Lori, I only managed to dispense with 2 prs of black pants . . . found all sorts of rationale for keeping the others and I  have a lot of them.  I’m trying . . . . Shar

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  2. haha! This made me laugh, because all I have are black pants in all kinds of fabrics and styles. I, however, don’t plan on getting rid of any, unless I replace the really worn out ones with more black ones. 🙂

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