Easy Listening…

Smart phone with ear buds pexel

I love podcasts!

They keep me company when I am walking,cooking, and cleaning.

Here are some of my current favorites.

Modern Love

This American Life

The Nutrition Diva

TED Radio Hour

99% Invisible

Hidden Brain

Planet Money

Car Talk

A Prairie Home Companion

Snap Judgment

The Moth Podcast

WPR: Chapter A Day

Zorba Pastor on Your Health

Daily Office Readings (BCP)

Busy Life

Obviously, I don’t listen to all of these all of the time.

After all, there are also  my favorite shows on Netflix, HULU and PBS.

Then, my current reads: The Zookeeper’s Wife, Orion’s Gift, and the Inspector Brunetti series by Donna Leon.

Along the way, there is my job, errands, chores, church, socializing, gardening, going to the gym.

And blogging!

As they say, it’s all good!

Happy listening, reading, viewing, writing, living to you.


8 thoughts on “Easy Listening…

  1. Thanks for mentioning Orion’s Gift in your reading list, Lori. I’m just getting together a post about how “Annie” came to be part of the story. It will be on my wordsfromanneli blog soon. I hope you enjoy the book.

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      1. I like all genres especially books that deal with history. That said I won’t say no to a good mystery. I am a big fan of Masterpiece…I guess that is cheating a bit.

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