The House of Small Cubes

Please take a few minutes to watch this twelve minute video.

It is delightful and engaging.

The Old Man

An old man lives alone.

He fishes for his dinner.

He dines alone every evening.

He copes with the rising water in his home.

Everyday he builds.


The Old Man’s Pipe

One day he loses his pipe.

The search for his pipe leads to encounters.

Each encounter reveals a part of his former life.

The toast to his life and his loves.

The House of Small Cubes

The Old Man’s Life

His is a journey shared by many.

We build and build again and again our small houses.

We build and build again our lives.

Perseverance and persistence.



The House of Small Cubes

Initial release: June 10, 2008
Director: Kunio Kato
Music composed by: Kenji Kondo
Cast: Masami Nagasawa
Awards: Academy Award for Best Short Film (Animated)
Screenplay: Kunio Kato, Kenya Hirata

Available on Netflix and You Tube.

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