Sad scary news…

Dear Friends,

I had the phone call that no one wants to receive.


My beautiful daughter-in-law is seriously ill.

Out of the Blue

I  just returned from Alabama.

She was fine when I left.

She is a nurse who was busy taking care of others.

As I write this, she is being transported to a different city for surgery.

My son was in tears as he asked me to please come.

So, tonight I leave for Alabama.

To comfort my daughter-in-law as she faces a grim medical situation.

To soothe a baby missing her Mother.

To comfort my son as he tries to cope.

My Granddaughter Mabel at Seven Months

A Different Mother’s Day

Next Sunday is my daughter in law’s very first Mother’s Day.

My son asked me for ideas about how to make it extra special.

They are a young, hardworking couple with a seven-month old baby.

My heart aches.  I am in shock and moving around in a fog as I prepare to leave town.

It is my job to pull it together and be there for them.

They are counting on me.

Writing is my therapy.

Writing about this does not make it any easier but it is helpful.

I have warm connections with many of you and wanted to share this devasting news.

I will keep you posted as best I can.

Faith, family and friends.





49 thoughts on “Sad scary news…

  1. Oh Lori, what can the matter be!? So sorry to hear this news. You didn’t like to leave….and I know you never dreamed you would return so soon, and certainly not under these worrying conditions. All the best, may you have strength for the days ahead and may love carry you all … ❤

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  2. Thinking of you Lori and your family also, as you know i recently went through a situation totally unexpected , luckily with the excellent medical surgery and care and lots of love from my boys and friends here i am on my way to a great recovery and able to send you all my thoughts and love on your journey

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  3. Praying for your daughter in law and son for a good ending to this medical crisis and praying for you for the strength you will need to help them physically and emotionally. Take good care and God speed.

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  4. I can tell you will be strong through troubled times. And please add me to your growing list of friends who are all pulling for you, your daughter-in-law and your whole family.

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  5. My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope that everything goes well and that she makes a quick recovery. Sending my love xx

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  6. Dear Lori, your heart is aching. Mable needs her Nana and you are blessed to be able to go to her and the family at a moment’s notice. Prayers up for all of you today.

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  7. Lori, I am so sad to read this post. I send your daughter-in-law and the rest of the family wishes and prayers to have the strength to endure and to be there for each other. I will keep all of you in my thoughts.

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  8. Dear Lori, Of course your post brought shattering news to you and to those who care for you. All I can do at this time is lift you all in prayer. Our God is the God of the impossible so I will ask for specific diagnosis. Specific options for treatment and specific needs for ongoing. Strength and healing. Hope you can keep us posted. Love Faye

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  9. Oh dear, Lori, I’m sorry to read this. I’m sending prayers now to my guides, yours, and Mabel’s to surround your DIL with healing, nurturing, resilience, and grace. Plus, I’m praying for you, yourself, to be surrounded by white light as you support your son.

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  10. Oh Lori – you just wrote such a wonderful piece on your recent trip to Alabama. How awful that you have to return so soon for such a sad reason. My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope for a speedy recovery. Hugs and good wishes!

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  11. Prayers for your daughter-in-law and your whole family. Mother’s are often the ones who bring peace and comfort in the midst of a storm… God be with you and give you strength, and a positive outcome for her!

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