A Special Hell

Sign posted on the wall in the hospital.

My daughter in law has been in the hospital for several days enduring tests and procedures to determine the cause of her illness.

In the meantime, I have been taking care of eight-month old Mabel and walking and praying.

Mabel enjoying a stroll before bedtime. 

Strangers always stop to comment on how cute Mabel is.

Now strangers stop to comfort her Grandmother (me).

This is so hard.

It is hell all over again for my son and me.

It is hell for all of our family.

Waiting.  Anxious. Hoping for the best.

We received an answer.

This Can’t Be Happening

Stage 4 Cancer.

She is a new mom with her first Mother’s Day coming up.

We are terrified, overwhelmed and grief-stricken.

Soon, we hope to have a plan of treatment from the doctors.

I wish I could trade places with her.

I would gladly take this burden from her and my son.

My heart aches for her, my son and their sweet baby girl Mabel.

Life in limbo.







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