Day 6


Storm clouds with the sun trying to break through.  Portland, Oregon. Photo by Lori Greer

Hope is being able to see 

That there is light 

Despite all  of the darkness.*


Desmond Tutu



I admire John McCain.

I admire Nelson Mandela.

Imprisoned for years.

Lost years.

Forever changed.

Victorious in the end.


Loving someone**who has cancer is like being in prison.

I can not plan a trip or schedule an appointment.

I keep busy.  I stay positive.  I cry often.

It is the Emperor of All Maladies.   ***


Hour by Hour

I live for today.

That’s not true.  I live for the next hour.

That’s the limit of my attention and energy.

I draw comfort from family, friends and, sometimes, strangers.

I read and I pray.

I ask for a miracle.

My daughter-in-law is named Victoria.

I pray fervently for her to be victorious.








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