I am doing most of the things they say I should do.

They being the proclaimers of  conventional wisdom.

I meditate. I do yoga.  I lift weights.

I follow the Mediterrean diet.

I turn off my phone most of the time.

I check Facebook on Fridays.

I read.  I walk.  I work.

My daily routine is my lifejacket.


It’s working.

I am calm.  I am resolute.

I am capturing moments of joy.

I am letting go of trivial worries.

I am letting go of needing to be in control.

I am freeing myself to live.


woman on bike silhouette-fitness-bless-you-bike-37836
Woman on a Bike.


“Take care of yourself.  You have to draw healthy boundaries around your own soul so that you can mature and reach the destiny of greatness that’s within you.” Edward T. Creagan, M.D.  Mayo Clinic


Thank you

I am so grateful for the continuing support and care shown to me by my blogging buddies.  Thank you so much.  Lori


Faith Family Friends

Sad Scary News


11 thoughts on “Coping

  1. Beautiful quotes. There should not be any ‘striving’ in anything right now. A gentle surrounding of the things mentioned but most of all looking after your WHOLE person. Body, mind, spirit and soul.
    The Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional (soul) what is beneficial to your personality etc. and Spiritual – that which comes from a Higher Place than your own comprehension. That is why music…. gentle, holy, praise or higher focus or classical is so helpful. Meditation/prayer that is non-forced perhaps silent. A yoga exercise – I have converted to a prayer often helps me….. Hold up your hands and connect the thumbs to the smallest finger… can go the way of the east and chant oooom or you can quietly say…. Father, Go to the second fingers,…ie thumbs to second finger ooooom or Son, Thumbs to middle fingers…ooom or Holy, Thumbs to pointer fingers Spirit. Then in this exercise for mind and hands…… open hand and fling towards sky oooooom or A-a-men. Open other hand and fling towards the sky and shout or say oom or aaaaa-men. Shake both hands to exercise fully . I continue to say A-men…….A-man! Then bring your hands back together so palms are touching and bow your head in absolute silence. I find just a couple of minutes in total silence restores something deep within me. You are surrounded by love. Hope some of this really resonates. Blessings!


  2. By doing the best (and simple) things for you – and telling others about it, and that it works – you are giving Hope to others like you, Lori.

    And that may in turn also give you Hope and another reason to keep going through this to whatever lies beyond. 🙂

    One day at a time, maybe a minute at a time, sometimes 😉

    It can feel like it but you are never truly alone.



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