IRS Phone Scam

Here we go again!   **

My cell phone rang with a call from Washington, D. C.


smart phone pexels-photo-359757

I was happy because I have family living in the Washington, D. C. area.

“Maybe that’s Ellen!”

Then, I remembered that she lives in Alexandria.

Plus, her number is in my phonebook and her name would appear, if indeed, she were calling.


Who’s Calling?

I did not recognize the number.

So, I resorted to my fall-back plan:

Whenever a phone call comes in from an unknown number, I do not answer.

My theory is that the caller will leave a voice mail.  Then, I will call them back if appropriate.

If the caller does not leave a voicemail then I assume it is not an important or relevant call.

Or it is a robo call.


Just Google the Number

No voice mail.

So, I googled 202-580-8464.

Here’s what I read on the website.

“Did you get a call from 2025808464? Read below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.

“23 Feb 2017 |
Computer generated voice from a phone number registered as a cell phone: “My name is Officer Marcus Brown and I am calling from the Criminal Investigation division of IRS. The matter at this end is extremely time-sensitive and urgent. As after audit we found that there was a fraud and misconduct on your tax which you are hiding from the government.This needs to be rectified immediately so return the call as soon as you receive the call.” The IRS will NEVER contact you in this manner, EVER. Do NOT call back.”

IRS Phone Scam


So, I share this with you as a reminder that we always have to be careful as the criminals are always out there ready to part us from our money!

Here’s a link to the IRS website for US citizens.  Help with Identity Theft, Fraud, Phishing

**Computer Scam!





17 thoughts on “IRS Phone Scam

  1. I’ve had many of these calls, but in our case here in Canada, they say they are either Canada Revenue or the RCMP . Either way they’re coming to arrest me if I don’t give them all my personal information so they can rob me. They make me angry – not only for trying to fool me and for wasting my time, but because I know there are people out there who are more trusting than I am. What kind of a person would do a job like this, scamming people out of their money?!

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  2. It’s amazing how many calls I get on my cell phone coming from our correct area code and it’s always someone starting out with “Oh hello, I’m sorry my headset is delayed” and I hang up. Like you, I do not answer any call that does not have a name on my phone. Sad!

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  3. Why do these scam artists keep targeting folks all around the world? It is not just the Tax Dept here but Microsoft scammers and specific targets on the elderly advising them to download stuff on phones and computers. Most companies and Tax Dept. etc are clearly advising we will NOT contact you via a phone call. Even our telephone companies no longer phone. My husband has a medical book beside our home phone. If someone ‘unknown’ phones and says ‘How are you today?’ David or Mr R. He tells them straight from the medical book. He has selected the longest medical diagnosis and symptoms he could find. Rather than just hanging up this response has virtually cut out the volume of dodgy calls we were getting on a regular basis. Thank you for blog.

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  4. I’ve been getting the insurance scam one. All are showing from local area I’m in but they are not. It seems they are using the area codes local to you to get you to answer. Like you I don’t pick up if I don’t know it.

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  5. Well done Lori!, you are still clearly ‘on the ball’. 🙂

    In my day we called scammers CON artists or CONfidence tricksters because they were out to CONvince you to give them something they wanted (like your money) or to gain your CONfidence and trust so that they could get you do do anything they wanted (like give them your money!) 😉

    They were very practiced and good at CONning people and learned to sound very believable and ‘honest’ when in fact they were anything but.

    We all need to be CONstantly on our guard because we never know when or where these potential CONvicts will come into our lives.

    The only thing i want or will ever ask you for is the best for you and your family! 🙂


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  6. I got a one of a kind call that I didn’t answer 000-000-0000 ..
    No kidding.. I looked it up and some phone sites said it could be law enforcement but can also be a scam to see if your number is an active number for spoofing..
    I too never answer numbers I don’t know..

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  7. I also do not bother to unknown calls as I have the same theory that if someone really wants to talk to me, they will leave a voice msg. I have also received these fake IRS scam calls in the past. So annoying!

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  8. Interesting that people around the world can tell the same story. We get those calls here too. And since “Unknown Number” obviously leads to too many dead ends in that people generally won’t answer these calls, they now use a number which you see on your screen, stating the area the call is coming from. To gain your trust. It really is maddening that somebody thinks you are a stupid fool; there is actually nothing wrong with being a fool but these criminal minds prey on your trusting nature, i.e. the fact that you may be a nice fool. So it makes me cross that you can’t even be a nice, trusting person because there are wolves out there waiting to exploit you, to harm you financially. As Anneli said, what kind of a person does this? It has made me slightly paranoid, to the extent that I once phoned my bank about something and when they requested I.D., I retorted, “how can I give that to you over the telephone; how do I know you are who you say you are??” to which the gentleman replied, “Madam, it is you who called us.” 🙂 🙂

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