Bye Bye Summer

September 1.

The end of summer.

The true beginning of the new year in some respects.

As a kid, September 1st meant that my lazy days were over.

I was  always excited and a little nervous about starting another school year especially when I went from elementary to junior high to high school and then the big one, my first day of college.  Closing chapters, starting new ones.

As a parent of young children, September 1st meant that relief was in sight for them and me.  No longer did I struggle to find projects or activities to pass the long days.  There were not enough movies, books, chores or trips to fill everyday and quieten their complaints of “I’m bored!”, “He’s bothering me!” “There’s nothing to do!”

Of course, when school started we jumped on the merry go round of endless activities with school and sports along with the business of living.

Regardless, as long as the weather permitted, we did take them boating on school nights, It was a treat to watch the sun go down on the water and bring home two tired but happy little boys.  Bath, more food, and bedtime for all.

I also took my younger son fishing many afternoons after school.  I swatted mosquitoes while he fished for a couple of hours.  As he told me, “I love fishing so much that I don’t care if I catch anything.  Thank you, Mom for bringing me.”

Now my sons are parents of their own young children.  It’s their turn. I have passed the torch.  Yet, I do miss those days.


Bye Bye Summer    ~Photo Lori Greer

Summer’s End

Summer’s ending for me now means shorter days, cooler mornings, less time outdoors and overcast or rainy days.

I can forget about watering for about nine months.

I will find my dog towels and spray so that Ginny is comfortable and fresh after her walks in the rain.  Great options are malls and big box stores.

I will bring out my rain gear, boots of assorted styles and colors and winter clothes. However, no whites after Labor Day.  Who made that rule?  No more white after Labor Day?  I think it’s silly especially in places where the weather is still hot.

Regardless, I feel self-conscious wearing white clothing after Labor Day

Of course, there is always resort wear.  White in January in Mexico sounds just fine to me!

How about you?  Do you wear white after September 1st or Labor Day?

Of course, wearing or not wearing white after Labor Day is the least of my concerns as my daughter-in-law continues to battle stage 4 cancer.  The “rules” go out the window when faced with the real issues of life.

Peace.  It’s what my heart seeks through writing and sharing.






12 thoughts on “Bye Bye Summer

  1. PEACE indeed dear Lori. Here in the Great South Land 1st September heralds the start of Spring. Rising fears of bushfires if there has been no winter rain. Thoughts of weeks and weeks of swimming and outdoors except in the next few weeks when children face the onslaught of all the exams and end of year assessments. Must seem so strange to you. We have ‘break ups’ of almost everything in late October and early November. Then it is the Advent Season and Christmas (remembrance of a birth = not about Santa Claus) is here once again. Through all the sadness as you well know… here where folks share your heartache with serious health etc of loved ones, we too journey on one day at a time one effort of finding BEAUTY ,,daily …..our journeys are different but our hearts and our lives and our caring and if we have faith in Christ our ‘connection’ everywhere. PEACE! TO YOU. THE SHALOM SACRED PEACE – The internal kind. Hugs and love.

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  2. My heart goes out to you Lori, it is just warming up here and I can finally say goodbye to another cold weather season 😀
    I had almost forgotten colored T-Shirts, shorts and barefoot navigation of our beaches 😀
    But winter does have its place, it allows us to rest, in heart and mind, and transform into something new for the next summer season 😀

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