Living Today

Early morning thoughts as I look across the harbor in Victoria, BC.  as the sun comes up.

It is a beautiful scene.  It is wonderful to be alive.  

20170829_203212This placard has been on my desk for years.

At the end of my work day I place it on top of the desk where I can see it first thing.

I would like to say that it informs my every action but I fall short. It does set the tone at least for a short while and makes me think about what I am doing that day.

It reminds me that many activities are time-wasters and fill my day but are nothing more.

When I ask, “Does this activity contribute to living my life or is it just a way to occupy my mind?”  the answer is often the latter.

So, I strive to limit the mind-numbing activities, the boring ones, the socially-mandated ones so that I can focus on the ones that make me feel as though I am truly living.

Life is precious.  Life is short.  I want to live mine in a meaningful way.



16 thoughts on “Living Today

  1. Time management is so important. I sometimes think (when I’m doing something unimportant – like a puzzle), “Am I wasting my time?” But then I rationalize it and tell myself that if I’m enjoying doing it, it’s not a waste. Now vacuuming … that’s whole different matter.

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  2. Sometimes even the ‘simple’ things have purpose Lori. To touch us and make us realise we are in a good place, or in fact wandering aimlessly.
    But I think in your case it is the realisation of what is happening behind the scenes, and understanding that life is short and it does need to ‘let go’ many things that we now realise really don’t serve us, and those things that do. And all of them are talking to your heart and guiding accordingly.
    Much love to you, and the beauty that this path is now taking you on…for in this path, as painful as it is, will show you a love like no other…your love ❤

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  3. The only time I think I truly waste, is the time spent being angry, worrying about something I can’t do anything about, or feeling sorry for myself. Everything else I do has a purpose.

    I don’t like cooking or cleaning, but I like to eat good meals and live in a clean home.
    I don’t like grocery shopping, yard work, or time spent managing my budget, but each contributes to my life in a positive way.

    I think too often people use the mantra ‘live life to the fullest’ as an excuse to neglect parts of everyday living that’s not appealing, when it’s really about letting small joys light up our day and letting go of the useless negativity.

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  4. That is one of my favorite quotes and I completely agree life is too short, there’s so much to do, so much to see, read and write. Thank you for a wonderful post – have a great weekend. 🙂

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  5. Great reminder. I have come to the place NOW where because in so many areas the truth of how short a life can be has been confirmed. What I DO in each day is not as important as what I BE in each day. Being means to me that if I colour a picture or walk for no particular reason I don’t have to even think about factoring that into any schedule. It is simply ‘being’ simply living. The factored in stuff like meals and life necessities must somehow be accommodated but BEING, SITTING, BREATHING in stillness and peace, and WALKING are gradually becoming the LIFE I actually live. (probably doesn’t make sense to some folk but once upon a time I actually had a daily list where I, hour by hour, had planned my day.) Now I feel totally liberated!.

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    1. Being, sitting, walking…exactly! The rest are footnotes. I need more time to think & reflect. I still am busy with my job, domestic chores but try to minimize the clutter. Thank you for your comments…so helpful and wise.

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  6. Before I started to learn how to live there were some things I had to get in order. I had to learn why I do what I do. After I learned that I learned my motives behind them. Then I was well on my way of living. Living means different things for different people. For me it’s letting life flow the way it flows without judging or criticizing it. Now I’m free to BE me…

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