Silly Woman Crying


Ambushed walking down the street.

Minding my own business.

Nothing in particular on my mind.

Then I saw this beautiful car.

I had to stop and look.


20170808_095535This gorgeous Alfa Romeo made me cry.

My husband loved Italian cars.

We owned two Alfa Romeos when he died.

The GTV was our first car.  It was fast and fun to drive.

I remember scaring my husband by driving it too fast.

Our second Alfa Romeo was a convertible previously owned by an undertaker who decided it did not fit his image.

It’s Only a Car

He would be excited to learn that Alfa Romeos  are now selling once again in the US.

But he would chide me saying, “It’s only a car.  What’s important is to treasure today.”

So, in the midst of sadness, I look for and cherish slivers of joy.

We had such fun!



9 thoughts on “Silly Woman Crying

  1. So many little things are associated with the people we love. We never forget. Sometimes when I’m cooking, I might have to stop stirring the pot and do something else. If I don’t take the spoon out of the pot, I think of my mother telling me when I worked in the kitchen with her as a teenager, “Don’t cook the wooden spoon.” Such a small thing, but that and many other little things like it, bring back thoughts of her. I can easily relate to how you felt when you saw the Alfa Romeo. That’s a pretty strong connection. Those memories may hurt for a moment because we have lost the moment, but how lucky were we to have had those times in the first place.

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  2. Just a reminder that your heart is still connected as it should be Lori. Nothing wrong with beautiful (and sometimes sad), memories, they tell you your journey is in a good place, especially if the urge to go drive one of those beauties comes to the fore 😀

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  3. Tears for joy remembered are perhaps personally embarrassing but what a Gift to have such memories that make the life you shared such a treasured and life-long part of your life. Hugs and love.xx

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