Musings on my birthday

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Today is my birthday which puts me in a philosophical frame of mind.

I found myself thinking about the tumultuous year that flew by.

So many good things! Life was a joy.  My sons and their families were doing great.

Then came the cancer diagnosis of my daughter-in-law in May which stopped me in my tracks.

Many of you shared the first few months after her collapse, her diagnosis and the start of her treatment. It meant so much to me to be able to share. I often cried as I wrote my posts.         A Special Hell

Now six months later, she is in treatment with an experimental drug. So far, we have had good results. We are hopeful.

Baby Mabel is now walking and babbling. Such a joy!  Her Dad (my son) was granted tenure at the university.  Life goes on in their new normal.

My other son and his family are doing well. Six-year old Aiden is now in first grade. It is fun to follow his adventures in school.  I admit that I feel guilty at times as they have been neglected due to the crisis in my other son’s family. They have been wonderful and understanding making me proud of them.

As my new year starts, I want to keep moving and not become paralyzed by worrying about the future.

Even though my life is not perfect I still want to remember and celebrate the joy in it everyday.

I know how fragile and precious our lives together are.



33 thoughts on “Musings on my birthday

  1. It is a hard journey Lori, but listening to your words shows me the beauty your heart has found because of it. May that wisdom show you more peace and love, regardless of your circumstances.
    Happy Birthday kind lady, and blessings to celebrate many more ❤

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  2. Happy Belated Birthday.!💙💙💙💙
    I wish you have alot happiness and peace in the coming years.
    I’ll definitely pray for sister in law’s good health. She’ll be fine soon. Amen.

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  3. Sorry I missed your birthday post yesterday. Hope the day was filled with life and beauty. Every day we have on this earthly journey is a gift – some may be harder than others but each one holds the HOPE for better. May your journey onwards be filled with beauty and JOY as well as the Hope burning in your heart for all you love. Many Happy Returns of your birthday.!

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  4. A belated Happy Birthday, Lori! I pray that your daughter-in-law continues to have improvement with the new drugs. Enjoy the holiday season with the family. Hugs, Lucie


  5. Happy super belated Birthday Lori! I hope this new year will bring many blessings your way to you and your family. Your daughter-in-law and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and joy to you…


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