Restoring my soul

Spending a week in paradise.

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Losing myself in the hypnotic beauty of the sea.

~Cabo San Lucas. Photo Lori Greer~

A welcome break from the wet, cold winter in Portland.

Restoring my soul and body to be ready to return to Alabama to care for my active, adorable and rambunctious granddaughter as her Mother continues to fight cancer.

Going in style…

Enjoying the little touches that make Mexico a special place such as this colorful privy in San Jose del Cabo.

Here’s to the little things that make us smile!

~Photo taken in San Jose del Cabo by Lori Greer~

14 thoughts on “Restoring my soul

  1. So pleased to know after the sad news of weather in California that where you are is ok. For a couple of days I could not get to actually read your site. Absolutely love the loo. I can only imagine my husband and sons if I tried similar. the awful gerfuffle when I put a cover on the seat and lid. Beautiful soft seat and lovely blue like the walls. Males hated it. Leave the seat alone the comment. The loo you photographed made me smile. Its so happy. Thank you.

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  2. I find it very inspiring, how you manage to see the beauty in the smallest things even as your daughter is fighting a tough battle. Sending you and your family love!

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