Pi R Squared

Who knew that Pi Day would grow to such a fun, widespread event?

Years ago, mainly math nerds were the select few who knew the significance of 3.14.  Celebrations, if any,  were definitely not mainstream.

Now, true to our Hallmark approach to any excuse for a holiday, there are numerous ways to spend money for Pi Day.

From Microsoft Microsoft Pi Day Deals to bakeries and to pizza joints there are products and savings to commemorate Pi Day.

Here’s how I celebrated Pi Day thanks to St. Honore Bakery

My proof that “pi r squared”!

Tian Provencal (tomato, zucchini, roasted garlic, parmesan cheese, & creme fraiche layered on a sheet of puff pastry.~ St Honore Bakery, Portland, Oregon.) ~~Photo Lori Greer

On this date

Albert Einstein was born in 1879.

Stephen Hawkings died in 2018.

Enough is Enough: Student demonstrations for stonger gun control took place today across the nation.

From Time Magazine:

How Is Pie Day Celebrated?
Pi Day was officially recognized by Congress in 2009, and it’s inspired quirky and pun-filled celebrations, including eating circular treats, from fruit pies to pizza, as well as dressing like Albert Einstein, whose birthday serendipitously falls on the math-imbued day. San Francisco’s Exploratorium also hosts an annual day of pi-inspired activities. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology releases its undergraduate admissions decisions on Pi Day, and starting in 2012, it began sending the verdicts at 6:28 pm, or “Tau time,” for the mathematical equation 2π. This year, NASA is inviting math whizzes to compete in its “Pi in the Sky” challenge to solve a series of interplanetary math problems.  Pi Day 2018 Facts