The Yellow Chapel

At a recent art show at The Ford Building in Portland, Oregon I picked up this card.

One side had this picture.

The Yellow Chapel ~Photo


Interesting, but I was intrigued by the flip side.

The Yellow Chapel

“ A free service dedicated to preserving the various territories of unconditional and unconventional love.
“To schedule a marriage or divorce ceremony to another human, yourself, multiple humans, critter, plant, idea, attachment, or object please email:”

Not currently in need of a marriage or divorce, I decided to google The Yellow Chapel.

Fascination and delight were my reward.

I learned about the Yellow Chapel as well as the artist behind the concept, Felicity Fenton.

The website is a portal to her creative mind as well as others in The Dreaming Dirt.


Felicity Fenton

“I was born in the dusty mountains of Colorado. When I was 18, I moved to NYC to make stuff, write, and read books on curbs with strangers. For a few years in between slinging plates, pushing pixels, and assisting rockstars, I lived and traveled throughout several parts of the world.

“My work (social practice, photography, words, installation) has been featured in public and private spaces around the globe. I am a RACC grant recipient, was key artist in residence at the Washington County Arts Council and my collaborative project – Soul Recovery Systems – was nominated for an Index Design Award (Design to Improve Life). In 2007, I earned my MFA from Vermont’s Goddard College.

“In 2018, some of my stories and essays are being published in WOBBY, Fanzine, Split Lip Press, The Flexible Persona, and others. I have a pocket-sized book (an essay about trying to get off of the internet) coming out with Future Tense Books in October.

“By day I work as an Art Director, Designer and Freeform Portland Radio Host. Portland, Oregon is home sweet home.”   Felicity Fenton

The Take Away

Looking around her website, I am vicariously enjoying the artist’s life through her spirit and creativity. I am encouraged to view the world just a little differently thanks to her.

I invite you to spend some time on her website.  It is whimsical. It is inspiring.

Then, follow the message on her website.

When you are done perusing this site, go outside.

Good things happen outside.  

Felicity Fenton

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