Age is merely…

Age is merely the  number of years the world has been enjoying you!

I can’t remember where I found this little quote.

I placed it on my kitchen counter and look at it occasionally.

It makes me smile.

I like this view of aging.

Setting sun horizon pexels-photo-817226.jpeg Alena Koval
Setting Sun on the horizon. ~Photo Koval~

40 Years?

My doctor told me I have about 4o more years to live.

Heavens! How can I afford to live that long?!?

I continue to work, save and yet I want to enjoy life also which usually involves spending money.

It is a hard balance.

When I worry about running out of money, I remember the words from a sweet Irish lady whom I met in Spain when I was a newlywed. She advised me to put my faith in God and not worry about the future.

After my Husband’s death few years ago, I received almost identical advice from an older friend.  Her advice was to worry less and have more faith in God.

I don’t think that they meant to throw caution to the winds but to do my best and trust in God.

It is hard for me as I try to control and account for every action in my life.

I like to think that I can figure things out, can solve problems with logic and planning.

“Give it the old college try!” is my motto.

Going Gently

As I contemplate those forty years, I am excited  but also aware that my life will change.

There will be developments that I won’t like.

Yet, as I contemplate the coming years I see many good things.

I have wonderful grandchildren to love and treasure along with their parents.

I have time to support causes and help others.

I have time to devote to reading, painting, writing and playing the piano.

I have work challenges that stimulate my brain and engage me with others.

Looking Ahead

Who knows if I will live forty more years or forty days or forty minutes?

Regardless, I want to live with meaning, dignity and joy.

I want to be a blessing to my family, friends and community.

If I can do that, it will be enough.










16 thoughts on “Age is merely…

  1. It is interesting that when we are into something the time seems to fly on by, but when we are struggling it seems to drag.
    But then again, when we arrive at the Pearly gates, forever may be a long time indeed, but after what I was shown, being in an unconditional state is a most beautiful way of being…forever most certainly won’t be a drag for sure Lori, and knowing that will make ‘down here’ a much more pleasant experience 😀

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  2. Reading your words expresses your love of life and your openness of all that surrounds you. God has given you this special gift of love for family and close friends and your desire to continue learning. Each new day is a brand new experience in your life that you can share with others. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

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  3. Recent events in my life have certainly shown me how valuable every day should be. ‘ Greet every day as a whole new adventure!’ I do not know who made that statement but I do know she was quite Aged in terms of human years but as youthful as the morning in the way she lived and lives her life. You have this spark in your life ‘Lori’ and indeed if it be 40 hours, forty days, or forty years. Live, read, enjoy beauty, play music and simply ‘play’. Faith surely strengthens and gives meaning to life but holding fast always to what is beautiful and worthwhile will ever open up the vistas of what is ‘yet to be’.

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