I lost my job…

They sold the company?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news in mid-November.

The company was sold and everything would close on December 31st.

In six weeks, I would be out of a job.

Then to add insult to injury, the company decided to close on December 14th. 

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Now what?

I weighed my options and tried to put aside my anger and disbelief at the cold-blooded actions of the company.

Had I known of the pending sale, I would have thought twice about my spending.  Oh well, I decided, that’s water under the bridge or more precisely, money out the door.

Should I retire and move to a state with a more reasonable cost of living?

Should I retire and take in Airbnb guests to underwrite my living expenses?


White Hat

The company was owned equally by two brothers.  

One was cold and calculating with signs of dementia.

The younger, white hat brother was so busy building the business that he had no idea what his brother was planning.  In fact, his brother told him in late summer that he had thought about selling the business but had decided to keep going for a few more years.  

So, the white hat brother was blindsided along with everyone else.  

As I was packing up, the white hat brother made an appointment for me to meet the buyer of the company.  I held out little hope of landing a position in the new company or, if I did, I believed that the compensation would not match.   

Within ten minutes of my interview with the new company, I was hired with better terms!

I am eternally grateful to the “white hat” brother.  As he told me the other day, “It’s over now.” meaning all of the abuse I endured from his brother.  

Yes, Virginia,

There are good guys out there and there are happy endings or should I say beginnings?

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