Thank you Chip Bergh

My eight year old grandson fears being shot at school thanks to the recent and continuing gun violence in our schools.

He experienced two lock downs at his elementary school in Denver, Colorado this spring.

His school was closed when the Columbine copycat appeared on the scene and again when a shooting occurred at another school.

He is eight years old.

What can a parent do?

His parents are upset and searching for answers.

How can a parent keep their child safe in America today?

With this on my mind, I read this in The Wall Street Journal today.

“It’s imperative that companies not be afraid to weigh in on the issues that are really impacting the world, whether that’s gun violence or climate change.”

— Levis Strauss CEO Chip Bergh on why the company takes stands on issues, including setting up a $1 million fund to support gun control.  from Nat Ives, CMO Today, The Wall Street Journal

See also Inside Levi’s Stand Against Gun Violence

Thank you Mr. Bergh


America—where you can’t afford to get sick.

America—where you are likely to get shot living your life at school, your place of worship, a shopping center, a concert, your workplace…

America, we can and must do better.

7 thoughts on “Thank you Chip Bergh

  1. Makes me so glad I live in France. Eight year olds should be enjoying themselves at school, not worrying that they’re going to get shot.

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    1. A gun advocate told me that the French live in fear because of the high murder rate and not being allowed to own guns to protect themselves. These are the lies going around the Internet these days. I wish I lived in France!


  2. I get chills just thinking about an eight-year-old worrying about something like that. It has happened in Canada too, but only rarely. Still, one school shooting is one too many.

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  3. Personally, I’m appalled that gun laws have not been drastically changed in your country. This is child cruelty and little ones should not be under this stress. If your Govt cant control the gun Lobby who are only after money why doesn’t someone take out an action for danger to the mental health of their children. Right to bear arms is an insult to rational human society. (opps I’d better say no more). Blessings and Love . My prayer is that something will change SOON. In my nation it only took one man to determine…………’Guns are not welcome on our streets!!!’ Clear controls and buy-back or all firearms designed to be used in the military only.

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