Breaking my fast


I am trying to eat good food when I “break my fast” but, it’s not always easy mainly due to lack of time and a bit of laziness.

I don’t want to cook first thing in the morning and I don’t want to clean up afterwards.

However, I do want to eat well.

So, to keep me on course, I am photographing my breakfast each morning to share with you.  How lucky you are!

This little exercise should keep me on task to eat healthy, balanced meals.

This morning

~Breakfast #1 Photo Lori Greer in Portland~

Coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I wake up to the scent of brewed coffee.  It’s intoxicating.

Why a straw?  My teeth stay whiter when I use a straw for coffee and tea.  Weird I know, but it’s amazing how much coffee or tea can stain one’s teeth even drinking it with milk. Not me, thanks to my straw! Vanity? Guilty as charged.

Farro with sauteed onions, red peppers and corn.  Sometimes I put a soft-boiled egg on my farro…yummy.   To prepare for different meals, I make a pot of farro for the week.  I eat it as a main dish or add it to salads.  I also saute onions, red peppers, garlic, mushrooms, and what ever else is in my vegetable bin so that I can add it to various dishes.

Hard boiled egg.  I boil 4 eggs at a time so I can grab one for a snack or to add protein to a meal.  I try to limit myself to one egg per day.  The guidance on egg consumption seems to change often so who knows if it’s ok to eat even one egg per day.   Sometimes I will eat just the egg whites to get added protein without the cholesterol worry.

One whole canned tomato.  I refuse to buy unripe tomatoes so canned ones are my only choice.  Not particularly tasty they furnish some nutrients.  A little pepper and olive oil improve the taste.  I recall a recipe for roasting canned tomatoes.  I need to find it and give it a try.  Roasting seems to make everything taste better!

Orange slices. I eat fruit with every meal and often as a snack.

Not shown:  water, allergy medicine, baby aspirin, lemon-flavored cod-liver oil.

The setting

I eat at my dining table and set the table.  I used to watch or listen to the news but no more.  I am trying to be “in the moment”…as best I can.

These gorgeous flowers are from the Farmers’ Market.  Unbelievably  beautiful.

What you don’t see is my sweet Ginny dozing by the French doors after feasting on her breakfast.

What you don’t hear is the lovely classical music from Pandora.

Why Am I doing this?

To keep me accountable.

To share ideas for other breakfast foods other than the traditional bacon, eggs, toast, cereal.  My meals are easy to assemble, varied and fairly inexpensive.

It’s a chore sometimes to think of new things to eat and so easy to fall  into a rut.

It’s a challenge to eat well and enjoy meals when eating alone.

But worth the effort.   After all, it’s the most important meal of the day.

What’s your healthy breakfast?






9 thoughts on “Breaking my fast

  1. Great idea to photograph hour breakfast! It is my favorite meal of the day. This morning I had a small slice of sourdough toast with coconut oil, 6 raw unsalted almonds, 2 Brazil nuts, a small orange, and a slice of fresh pineapple…washed down with 1/2 cup tea.

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  2. Never thought about using s straw. Great suggestion! Your breakfast looks wonderful. I often have a bagel with peanut butter or granola with skim milk and fruit. I know the granola is not always particularly healthy.

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  3. Love how you set a table. This is so important for personal well-being. Getting cooler here. Porridge for breakfast, with yoghurt,(greek and lemon) strawberries cut, loquats sliced. a couple of prunes and often a few slices of banana and chopped macadamia nuts. Not sure how healthy this may be but it certainly is satisfying and prevents us wanting sweeter things later. Its so fascinating to see life with our different seasons playing such a key role in what we are now eating.

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