Everyone has setbacks…

“Everyone has setbacks, disappointments and missed opportunities.

But wallowing in the past and focusing on the negatives is a sure way to doom your future.

So put the past behind you and embrace today as the beginning of your new season.” — Edward T. Creagan, M.D. Mayo Clinic

~Photo http://www.pexels.com/pixabay~

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to put the past  behind us,  but I find that it is certainly worth the effort.

I have that learned that focusing on the positive is a habit that helps me in big ways and small.

The more that I practice being positive the more entrenched the habit becomes.

I do set aside time to think about things that are bothering me but then I try to “get on with it”.

It is never a straight line.  Sometimes I circle back but hopefully I am always moving forward.

We all have to find what works.



7 thoughts on “Everyone has setbacks…

  1. Always forward Lori. Those constant ‘botherings’ are just those inner fears, letting us know they are still there. As you have said, it is good to get into a habit of positivity, keeping our lives balanced. And as humans we instinctively avoid those ‘bad bits’, but they has purpose. We also instinctively want healing, a clearing of those painful things in life, so we actually bring them up in life so that we can slowly find their meaning, realise why they are a part of who we are, and in understanding them we finally see that they have in fact been helping to build us, creating something very beautiful so that when we ‘see’ it, which will bring us to tears, finally understanding what we have gone through for so long has in fact brought us to a love and happiness that we had thought never existed.
    Let them ‘bother’ young lady, for within them is a healing beyond imagining, a love beyond belief, and an understanding that will set you free…forever ❤️
    I hope all is well dear lady, I have been lost for a while, my old blog has been having issues so I started a new site. Hopefully my ‘bothering’ bits have been released and set me free too 😀

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  2. The Gospel message of Jesus Christ is the most PERFECT example of what has been expressed above. Being ‘born again’ means leaving behind everything from the past and walking onwards into the future. Living life in totality in a ‘different’ Kingdom. This TRUTH has only in more recent times been impacting more and more of our life here. What freedom! What a glorious view of the future even at our age.


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