What we did not want…


~Foggy Lake Photo by Gabriela Palai/Pexel.com~

“When you are in the midst of a fog and can’t see the shoreline, you need a compass. Reach out to a trusted friend or adviser for perspective. People are not hard-wired to go it alone. They need others to survive and thrive.” — Edward T. Creagan, M.D.  Mayo Clinic

I am fighting the fog that has descended ever since my daughter-in-law entered hospice care a few days ago.

I am thankful to friends, family and neighbors who are helping me to bear the pain.

I grieve for her stuck down by this terrible disease at such a young age.

I grieve for her husband, my son, as he watches his family torn apart.

I grieve for their toddler who will not have her mother as she grows up.

There will be happiness again one day, but, for now, we are struggling to keep the shore in sight.




40 thoughts on “What we did not want…

  1. So sorry to hear this terribly upsetting news Lori. May your friends and neighbours sustain and support you and your family through the weeks ahead. There will be happiness as you say, but meanwhile I send hugs to you!

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  2. Oh, Lori…I’m so sorry to hear this! I’d been hoping against all odds that a brighter future was in store for your daughter-in-law. I only know her via your blogs, but my heart is broken.
    You and your family are in my thoughts.

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  3. My heart goes out to you all Lori, it is most certainly like being in a fog, never sure which direction to tread.
    Sending much love and strength your way dear lady, just breeeeathe so that you can find your inner strength to be there for others, as all mothers do. And you too ❤️


  4. Such a sad message 😢. I did not know, Lori but missed you at book club last week. I hope you know how much we all grieve with you and your family. 🥰 Dolores



  5. I feel helpless in this situation. I want to hug you and say it will be all right but we know the ending is predetermined. All we can do is be strong for all of those affected, especially your daughter-in-law. My sincere empathy goes out to you and your family. I know you have good thoughts coming your way from all your friends and anyone whose lives you have touched. Be strong and know we are all thinking about you through this miserable time.


  6. I am sooo sorry Lori!! Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family! I am thinking of the poem I wrote for my friend when her husband was dying of cancer. I will post a link here for you hoping it may help in some small way.


  7. Dear Lori,
    My thoughts my prayers and a hug across the miles is all I can voice at this time. May you find in the midst of the deepest, darkest fog on this journey, there is the Light of a Lighthouse, although it may appear at present to be way beyond your view. You are loved!

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  8. I am so sorry to hear this. However prepared you think you are for these knocks, it’s never enough not to buckle even a little. Thinking of you and your family.


  9. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for the whole family. My heart is breaking for you but I am hoping that your sharing in this ordeal will in some small way bring solace.


  10. Lori,

    My heart breaks for you and your loved ones. Last year, when i was dealing with my grief, Beth (a fellow blogger buddy) gave me the best “comment”. She told me that the grief would come in waves…she was right. I ‘ve become a “surfer of sorts” and continue to ride them; even to this day. I wish i could wave a magic wand and make her better….it sucks, plain and simple. I am so, so sorry….💔


  11. Dear Lori, How are you ? I can only guess your pain, I can’t know it. But I am thinking of you. You will carry your son, his wife, your granddaughter. All those who love you, whether you know them personally or not, will carry you. In their prayers, in their thoughts, in their hearts. Big hug across the ocean ❤

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