Soup du Jour?


~Photo Lori Greer in Portland~

This sign outside a restaurant in Whistler B.C made me laugh.

But, I think I will pass…

Although I do drink wine I find myself leaning more and more to sparkling water.

It’s cheaper, fewer calories and doesn’t alter my mood.

Being mindful about what goes in my body is part of my rationale for limiting alcohol.

This means that prix-fixe wine dinners, which are so popular right now, are off-limits for me.

I don’t want to eat five courses with a glass of wine for each course.

I cook with wine, have bottles of wine in my basement so wine is still in my life.

Just not as much.

Do I sound dull?

Maybe, but it works for me.


11 thoughts on “Soup du Jour?

  1. Years ago I loved a wine with my evening meal, it was like an appreciation of the days journey.
    But then I became allergic to alcohol, a different path had begun and along with it an even greater appreciation of life ❤️

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  2. I still find my 1 glass of red wine with the evening meal is both a fitting end to the day but is good for my heart. I agree re the soup for the day. (I confess if I could have a rich thick soup for an evening meal) I would not mind the wine AFTER. Cheers.!


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